We realise personalised e-commerce platforms which are flexible and easy to adapt to all company needs, from small and medium businesses to companies with a big volume of sales. With Meeting Point you can sell your products online through an ad-hoc solution, fully tailored to your business.

Web design

We design and develop websites, following your requests or suggestions. The main features of all our projects are, usability, accessibility and effective communication.

Web marketing

What is the purpose of a website or an ecommerce platform if he does not receive any or very few visits? We try to give the maximum exposure to your website by well positioning it in the main search engines and we offer also integrated marketing campaigns to increase its visibility.

Custom Software

We study, design and develop softwares for every needs: web platforms to be syncronised with the main accounting softwares, Security web applications for public entities and personalised softwares based on our client's requests.

Solutions for every business need

Why choosing Meeting Point?

Meeting Point is an Italian web agency specialized in Internet Solutions and Digital Marketing.
Our services include: creation or restyling of websites, e-commerce platforms, Digital Marketing Strategies, Social Media Promotion, SEO - Search Engine Optimisation, DEM - Direct Email Marketing, full analysis, design and development of any kind of web application, specifically designed and tailored on customer's needs.

Our skills and methods feature in fact the development of innovative solutions related to any internal aspect of a business: customers' and suppliers management, production processes' control and automation, accounting and logistics, etc.

We're an International web agency and our current clients and projects are based all over the world. We developed a very good knowledge of the Internet landscape in different countries such as United States, Belgium, Switzerland, China and Italy of course.

We're expert in all the dynamics that sit behind an e-commerce website, a Social Media campaign, a SEO project and we know how to optimize you're website in order to get the best from its use.

We guarantee an impeccable quality of our web products, we pay attention to even the tiniest details and we always deliver ad hoc projects, especially though for our clients' needs.